….iiiiiiiiits a new Rooooooddler!!!

Here is the question, if Rod Roddy had kids when we weren’t, would he have pushed anything other the a Roddler? We were just asking cause get this!! The Roddler is the featured prize in the clock game on the Prize is Right.  No kidding, the Roddler, Drew Carey…filming today and airing on January 16th. You best believe we will be keeping you abreast of that. Oh quick word, please spay and neuter your pets…

Joe and I recently took a trip to LA, or 3, and have been spreading the dream like Dr. Martin Luther. This time we cruised through the gates of CBS studios and drop off this sunset orange and butternut kustom Roddler to the delight of their staff and crew. Geesh, I’m from Cote St Luc, actually Dov [American Apparel] even affectionately dubbed me the smoked meat shtettle boy. Must be a first for our local tribe. On that note, if you haven’t been to LA or don’t know from Jerry’s deli, sorry Nanny, this matzoh ball soup is off the chain.  Westwood wasn’t so bad either, especially after a quick boardwalk cruise in Santa Monica and Venice. Umm, if you haven’t been there quick piece of advice, do that at least once.  Its a piece of heaven and the Roddler was right at home like me back in the big city of dreams.

*sigh, back to the beautiful Bay



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One Response to ….iiiiiiiiits a new Rooooooddler!!!

  1. manipulative, seductive, power jew says:

    smoked meat shtettle boy – oyyy – you and your matza ball soup. x

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