Unveil your alter ego

Since Kid Kustoms is going so well, we thought we would devote a moment to do a little goodwill for our competition.  A few details about the new project;

Airborne Mini Tuning are the leading source or aftermarket accessories engineered for premium strollers. Headquartered in Northern California, its vertical facility is home to a state of the art research, development, and production department that are striving to engineer improvements for exclusive parenting tools.

Available as individual components or complete conversion kits, Airborne Mini Tuning provides elegant styling enhancements, exclusive interior packages, aluminum wheels and billet accessories offering countless ways to express your character.


For the most discerning customers, step into a Roddler.

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One Response to Unveil your alter ego

  1. thomas says:

    nothing but sweeeeetness. finally someone who gets that maybe us “guys” are finally getting into really enjoying time with our kids and want to have quality products that are safe and have great design.

    great job Kid Kustoms! keep up the great work.

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