The first convertible kustom Rod you will love to hand over to the kids.

Kid Kustoms introduces another feat in engineering. The world’s first trike conversion kit, conveniently for the world’s coolest stroller…as if the Roddler wasn’t awesome enough. Now you can first indulge yourself, and then reward your lucky kid for walking by giving them the sickest set of wheels to roll themselves around town.

The timeless aesthetic of the Trike is available both as a stand alone piece, and as a conversion kit that replaces the front end of the Roddler with a simple 2 bolt application. Crafted from the finest materials available and certain to become a family heirloom, the trike features a host of accessories they will save their allowance for. From interchangeable fenders with functioning brake lights, to custom pedals, headlights, exhausts tips and grips, you can make sure no two trikes are alike.

Trike $1200 MAP

Trike Conversion Kit $500 MAP

For more images and order information, please visit our the website at

*the Roddler and Trike Conversion kit are protected with worldwide patents. designs, images and copy are exclusive property of Kid Kustoms, LLC, all rights reserved.

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