Bleacher Seats at the 2008 ABC Kids Expo

*Like promised, we took no prisoners. Not much else to say when the owners and designers of most every other stroller company came by to give us kudos. That’s love for 2 balsy guys trying to incite change. For the others that are hiding your new colorway for a stroller our DAWS members wouldn’t touch #@grbabyjoggerblech%^&, sorry, cramp in my finger.
*JPMA’s innovation award is a crock. Despite the fact ‘everyone gets contacted about submitting their product’…convenient amnesia set in when it was time to reach out to the really cool and innovative ones that don’t subscribe to the JPMA’s silliness. What the heck does their opinion mean  if they can’t even keep a show running? They can keep next years award too. It wouldn’t be fair for us to have 3 in a row anyways.
What came first, Bloom or the Boon? and why the heck does their stuff look so similar. I mean I know which looks like a knock off to me but I’m not saying, we’ll hold a vote. Lets just see what happens to the fully loaded model that the designer mysteriously wants for their unborn child…by the way, I’ll give you 1 clue which one it is,  they really wanted to do a stroller with fenders before us.  Right, still no idea?  That’s cause ours were long patented and we’d have to change our name to Blossom. Isn’t hindsight 20-20?
ABC kids, thanks for the nosebleed seats but we’re not gonna be your bait in the back next year!
Quick note to the GES crew…suck a nut.
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