Kid Kustoms Arts and Crafts – The Apparel Collection : Sept. 08

Having roots stemming from the apparel industry, it was only a matter of time before the guys at Kid Kustoms were going to need to express themselves in a new medium. Low and behold the fruits of their labor. Launching this September 7 at the A.B.C. Kids Expo in Las Vegas, you can preview the limited collection of hand made apparel along side their revolutionary strollers.

Keeping true to form, each garment is unique. To ensure premium quality, everything produced is painstakingly hand cut, individually assembled, hand dyed, embellished and California sun-kissed, all at their in-house facility. Available in sizes 1, 2 & 3, only the best organic fabrics and all natural inks and dyes are sourced, producing vibrant colors and intricate washes that cannot be replicated by machine.

The collection is produced in limited runs of 150 per style and blends function and fashion with a multitude of detailing. With stenciled graphics, hand stitched accents and multicolored trims, if your kid is aspiring to be stepping out of a Roddler, they need to be stepping into some of these threads. With immediate availability online and a spring ’09 retail launch date, expect to find the collection in the most special of specialty stores only.

For more information on their charitable works, goodwill, and really incredible products, visit

The online store will be opening in September! Check back soon

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One Response to Kid Kustoms Arts and Crafts – The Apparel Collection : Sept. 08

  1. bravibimbi says:

    Great job! I’m waiting for the online shop to see the new collection.

    Take Care


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