Custom Garage : June 2008 // Spain

We think it is awesome to be featured in such incredible international magazines.  Admittedly, we are linguists but can’t decipher them all! This is a major hot rod and motorcycle magazine from Spain.  Proof is in the pudding, they love us as much in Europe as they do in the US.

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2 Responses to Custom Garage : June 2008 // Spain

  1. curtis murrell says:

    My car is on the cover of Custom Garage #3 – how do I get a copy to California?

  2. Jo de Brito says:

    This is a very late reply as I have only just seen this… I’m not sure if you know this but Custom Garage is now in English and Spanish and is sold all over the world. Check out our website to find a dealer near you, if not write to me and I’ll organize a copy to be sent. Thanks!

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