Tins For Tots : Participating Artists


Kid Kustoms would like to thank all invited artists for participating in our first annual Tins For Tots charity event. We are excited for the world renowned collection of talent. The world tour will begin April 2008. The readership of the participating magazines and the Kid Kustoms DAWS subscribers will determine the winning fender design in each category, which will be featured on a Roddler and toured worldwide with our sponsor PPG. Additionally, all submissions will be mounted to a frame, and auctioned off, with all of the proceeds going to benefit the charitable organization of the artist’s choice. To learn more visit www.kidkustoms.com

  • Dave Perewitz [www.perewitz.com]
  • Beej Curtis [www.organicimage.com]
  • Mathieu Missiem-Ndeur [www.ndeur.com]
  • Roger Andrews [www.rand247.com]
  • Brian Castleforte [www.castleforte.com]
  • Alberto Cerriteno [www.albertocerriteno.com]
  • Cat Oshiro [www.catoshiro.com]
  • Juliet Park [www.julietpark.com]
  • Peskimo [www.peskmo.com]
  • Squinky [www.squinky.co.uk]
  • Nathan Spoor [www.nathanspoor.com]
  • John Iacono [www.joeiacono.com]
  • Danny Casroc [www.casroc.com]
  • Damon Richey [www.damonsmc.com]
  • Richard Van Over [www.wheatywheatstudios.com]
  • Skaffs [www.skaffs.com]
  • George Barris [www.barris.com]
  • Jim Koch [www.jimkoch.com]
  • Brent Nolasco [www.brentjeromenolasco.com]
  • Julie West [www.juliewest.com]
  • April Edwards [www.april-edwards.com
  • Mike Martin [www.enginehouse13.com]
  • Daze [www.dazeworld.com]
  • Erica Gosich Rose [www.egrart.com]
  • Rough [www.roughe.com]
  • M. Macgregor [www.elmac.net]
  • TATS cru [www.tatscruinc.com]
  • Romeo & Mega [www.sons.nl]
  • Great & Bates [www.greatbates.com]
  • Juicie graphics [www.juiciegraphics.nl]
  • Pixelfillu [www.pixelfillu.com]
  • Triclops Studio [www.triclopsstudios.com]
  • Frolab [www.frolab.com]
  • Cancontrollers [www.cancontrollers.net]
  • Markus Muller [www.wonabc.com]
  • Chris Silva [www.chrissilva.com]
  • Daniel Schade
  • Sean Barton
  • MedFed
  • Mike Taylor Designs
  • Johnathan Beery
  • kaNO
  • Herb Martinez
  • Rory Pentecost
  • Art Himsel
  • Darry Hollenbeck
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