D.A.W.S. (Dads Against Wack Strollers)



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Get a chance to win your very own Roddler kustomed the way you’d want it *. We challenge you to help us stand up to the juvenile products companies that have blatantly disregarding your manhood for too long. Gone are the days of being relegated to pushing a shopping cart. Get a stroller you want to push, better yet built out to your style. While everyone should subscribe not everyone can win, but membership has its privileges. We afford you the luxury of tasteful and selective emails featuring contests, news and industry events exclusively for our family. Bear in mind, functional and aesthetic design transcends industries, so we’re not just talking about stuff for the kids. It’s a lifestyle choice, be a part of the movement


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2 Responses to D.A.W.S. (Dads Against Wack Strollers)

  1. Layla says:

    I’m subscribing on behalf of my husband who needs a “manly” stroller and is ready to join the movement.

  2. thomas says:

    this truly is a “Movement.” just a few years ago, there was not much out there for the new father. that’s why we started our website. today, there are a lot of father related websites, products for new dads (not just silly tee shirts), and innovative products challenging the conventional thoughts on design for children’s products. its that innovation that drives better products for the most important people in our lives – our new babies!

    so, if you want something that is really innovative and functional – this is it. its not for everyone and that’s the point! Congrats to Kid Kustoms for keeping the “Movement” going.

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